Search the Data

Select a source and a word or phrase. The function below will display all the sentences using that word from that source.

While great efforts were made to clean the data, some sources were quite stubborn. You may encounter oddities when looking up sentences from certain authors. For more on how the data was cleaned and prepared, see the page on interpreting results. Should you see anything that seems off, feel free to report it at the contact links below and we can correct the issue in the next update of the database.

Note also that the search function distinguishes between words with similar meaning (e.g. 'happy' and 'happiness' or 'family' and 'families') and returns only the exact one you search for. Depending on your goals, it may be worth your while to search for all the versions of your word.

If you'd like a copy of the current database so that you can do your own explorations, click here to download a copy.